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Jun 18, 2019

LEAKED! A brand-new track from the Halifax shoegaze darlings' debut EP "Thin Veil", out later this week. Just call us Julian Assange, without all the... actually... don't. Instead, press play! Rock hard! 🖖

Apr 9, 2019

Paul Milner is a recording engineer right here in Saint John (via PEI, via Toronto, via Quebec, via the UK). He's worked in Barbados with Eddy Grant (of "Electric Avenue" fame) and at Quebec's famed Le Studio with Keith Richards (of "The Rolling Stones" fame). And made approximately 498 other records along the way. We...

Apr 2, 2019

Clinton is a legend. A drummer who's also a singer-songwriter (or a singer-songwriter who also drums) and all-around cool cat. Was excited to talk to him as he bridges a few different things we're trying to do with the show this season.

We talked about having different roles onstage, musical context, cover bands, jazz,...

Mar 26, 2019

Jason (or JVo) has played with literally millions of bands. Literally. Not bad for a guy who started out playing upside-down acoustic guitar, idolizing KISS. We catch up on his latest projects (a disco band, for one). He takes us through his early days (you won't believe what happened at his first gig). We discuss his...

Mar 19, 2019

Erin Muir is a singer-songwriter who makes moody, affecting music under the name Wrote. We talked about making art, the Maritime vibe, children's activities, depression and more. Fun episode!