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Dec 15, 2020

Looks like we made it! Our final episode of 2020 is an interview with none other than BRENDAN BUCKLEY!

He’s a touring/recording freelance drummer based in Los Angeles, California. You may know him from his work with Perry Farrell, Shakira, Tegan and Sara, many others. Originally from New Jersey, he started drumming the way many of us do - seeing a drumkit and thinking “that thing looks so cool! i want to do that!” So he picked up a few beats from MTV and taught himself to play them on the drums at school during his lunch breaks. He subsequently declared that he was a drummer when he got to high school. This led to some pretty intense musical studies, which led to the University of Miami, which led to a decade of living and playing there. He decided on his 30th birthday that he had to move somewhere, which wound up being LA, and he’s been there (though not for more than a month at a time until now) ever since.

Tune in to hear all about it. If you’re a drummer, this is an amazing episode full of goodies for you. Enjoy this one and we’ll see you in 2021.

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